Natural Stone Flooring and Tiles Range

Stonell offers an impressive portfolio of natural stones covering an amazing variety of colours and uses so you can be confident we'll have the flooring or wall tile for you. This website displays a small selection of what is on offer so please contact us if you cannot see the stone you are seeking. The images are intended as a guide but bear in mind that with natural stone each tile will vary slightly in colour. This is part of its character and adds to its charm. If you're not sure which one to select we have the expertise and experience to advise you.

Basalt and Granite Flooring and Tiles

Stonell Basalt Tile Stonell Basalt Tile
Basaltina Tile. Italian Basalt Basaltina Tile
Flame Textured Basalt Flame Textured Basalt

Both these stones are formed as a result of volcanic activity and are amongst some of the hardest natural stones known to man. Granite is formed from molton magma deep below the earths crust which has cooled over millions of years and solidified. Basalt is the result of molton magma erupting from volcannoes and cooling quickly forming a solid mass.