French Cathedral Limestone Pillowed Edge Tile

French Cathedral Limestone Tile- Pillowed edge

Available as a special order item

An aged French limestone tile with pillow edges available in a large format random pattern, regular 600 x 400 or in free lenghts up to 900mm in width options of 400, 500 or 600mm as preferred.

These limestone tiles from France offer strength and durability with elegance and are suitable for interior use as wall or floor tiles. They are of modest shade variation and the cushioned edges are slightly tapered with a rounded surface towards the edge of the stone tile.

Similar tiles in our range include Dijon Farmhouse aged limestone tile a tile that also comes from France and is brushed to give an interesting patina.

Stonell offer an exclusive range of pillowed edge flagstones, some in very large format.For another pillowed edge stone,look at the Fontaine Limestone

Modest shade variation, not a uniform colour
Suitable for interior, domestic use
6.075m² x 2cm
600 x 400 x 20mm
Free length x 400 x 20mm
Free Length x 500 x 20mm
Free length x 600 x 20mm